How to prepare English for competitive exams | SSC CGL vocabulary preparation

How to prepare English for competitive exams

SSC CGL vocabulary preparation tips

Before you start, I would suggest that you build up your vocabulary as much as you can. This is how:
How to prepare for English competitive exams | SSC CGL vocabulary preparation

Suppose you start off by learning 10 words, idioms, phrasal verbs or even proverbs.
The next day, you must revise those 10 items thoroughly, and take on another 10 words.

On the 3rd day, revise 20 words, then take on the next lot of 10.
On the 4th day, revise 40 words before taking up the next batch of 10 words.

Keep going in this manner till the 10th day passes off smoothly.
Now, on the 11th day, you can drop the first lot of 10 words. There's no need to revise them anymore because by now they must have sunk deep into your long-term memory. Rest assured you'll never forget those first 10 words!

Repeat the process on the 12th day, the 13th, the 14th day and so on, even as you keep taking up further sets of 10 words daily while dropping the oldest surviving batch of 10 words. But remember! you must keep using those words in your daily routine. Constance practice and application is the only way you can build up a powerful vocabulary and fight vocabulary attrition. It's hard work, but it's such a fun thing to do that you'll enjoy it!

Here, constant self-analysis- realistic but not overly self-critical - is a crucial way of measuring your progress. You have to keep asking yourself whether you are better today than you were yesterday. Don't become paranoid about it, however; minor setbacks are inevitable. Take them as a challenge: a spur to improvement. It's the overall progress that matters. If your progress is slow at first, all it means is that you need more practice. 
Watch Sachin Tendulkar at the nets and you'll understand what I mean!

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